Constructive Systems


Innovarcilla offers companies the following advisory services for the development of innovative construction systems:

  • Analysis of performance or regulatory requirements or application guidelines, according to the desired final characteristics and scope of marketing.
  • Development of new innovative building systems and integration of the different constituent elements for achieving solutions with a higher level of industrialization and prefabrication.
  • Development of energy efficient building systems with higher insulation in order to achieve a higher level of comfort.
  • Characterization, testing and evaluation of the construction system and its components, in terms of performance obtained according to applicable regulations, as well as special properties.
  • Consulting and evaluation in the prototype assembly and in the construction step.
  • Acoustic Assessment in buildings and construction elements by in situ sound insulation tests for both airborne noise in façade walls and vertical partitions and impact noise between overlapping enclosures (UNE-EN ISO 16283-1: 2015, EN ISO 140 -5: 1999 and UNE-EN ISO 140-7: 1999)
  • Calorimetric simulations to assess the energy performance of a building element, by two independent climatic chambers regulated independently in dynamic regime. The two chambers are placed on both sides of the test partition/wall sample (8.4 m2), on which the different hygrothermal properties to be assessed are monitored during dynamic programmed cycles. To see more capabilities about this topic, please access the section Calorimetric Simulations on wall faces


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