Final Product

Innovarcilla has the only credited quality control laboratory of ceramic products in Andalusia, for inspections testing according to AENOR N Mark (Technical Certification Committee CTC-034) of fired clay materials for construction.

For it, Innovarcilla has ENAC Accreditation No. 672 / LE1471 in this laboratory for testing the following products:

  • Pieces of fired clay for masonry.
  • Pieces of fired clay for facing walls.
  • Pieces of fired clay for coated partitions / separating walls.
  • Fired clay ceramic slabs for roofs.
  • Roof-tiles and auxiliary pieces of fired clay.
  • Fired clay paving stones.
  • Fired clay sub-roof panels.
  • Flooring / pavements.
  • Ceramic food containers.
  • Clay ceramic materials (calcimetry).

In the following link you can see the Technical Annex with the Scope of Accreditation.


Furthermore, Innovarcilla is specialized in performance and properties evaluation with regard to international requirements of the following products:

  • Environmental cycles of accelerated aging or functional characterization of properties in parts or high-volume equipment. To view these capabilities, access the Climate Simulations section.
  • Prevention and elimination of efflorescence and veils in ceramic materials.
  • Assessing the suitability of ceramic food containers as food packaging.
  • Pieces of ceramic gardening with demands to adverse weather conditions.


The extensive available equipment and its versatility allow also assess materials of a different nature from ceramics, adapting the equipment to each specific need.


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