Productive Processes

serav02pq2To improve the competitiveness of production processes, Innovarcilla offers companies advice and technical assistance in the field of traceability, control and management of production processes, quality control and energy optimization, focused on the stages of higher thermal consumption.

The technological services offered are:

  • Traceability and quality control:
    • Technical assistance in resolving pathologies and improvement processes in the quality of the resulting product.
    • Implementation of the quality control system in the production process.
  • Energy optimization (energy audit of production processes with high consumption of thermal energy):
    • Obtaining and interpretation of temperature curves of tunnel kilns in real time.
    • Obtaining and interpretation of temperature and humidity curves in driers.
    • Preparation of static pressure and oxygen content curves in tunnels kilns.
    • Thermographic study of industrial plants.
    • Determination of thermal profiles, with and without contact, for optimization of ceramic processes. Re-definition and optimization of productive planning for minimizing thermal consumption.
    • Analysis of technical and energy viability for incorporation of waste and / or by-products in the formulation of a ceramic paste.
    • Study of raw materials and reformulation in terms of the main energy consumption.
    • Energy and economic evaluation of the implementation of the measures taken.

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  • Emissions evaluation:
    • Particle measurement, analysis of basic gases, flow, temperature and humidity of gaseous flows in smoke extraction chimneys.


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